Performance / Choreography / Installation
Video coming soon

"Overflow" (2018)

Choreography:  Paige and Marcus Johnson

Performance: Ashleyliane Dance Cmpany

"Finite/Infinite" (2016)

Choreography:  Paige Walden-Johnson and Melanie Harvengt

Performance;:Melanie Harvengt 

Performed at the Kranzberg Black Box as a part of the Saint Louis Fringe Festival

Scarlett's Tapestry Trails (2018)
Collective Motion

Soloist, Scarllett: Paige Walden-Johnson

"Alpine Eclipse" (2017)
Choreography:Jacob Henss

Music: Thomas and Tricia Jostlien
Dancer: Paige Walden-Johnson

"Embracing Contact" (2015)
Choreography and Performance by: Paige and Marcus Johnson
Costumes: Audrey Simes

"Forced Perspective" (2014)

Installation by: Paige Walden-Johnson

Performance by: Shawn Burkard
Commissioned by Artica

"To Cause a Dream" (2013)

Choreography:  Paige Walden-Johnson

Video and Sound: Julian Scaff

"Body Writings" (2013)

Dance and Choreography: Paige Walden-Johnson
Music Composed and Played: "I'mma Danc'n Foo"  Ben Goldschmidt.

"The First Breath As You Step Outside" (2012)

Dance and Choreographed by: Paige Walden-Johnson
Music: "Lion's Mane" by Trevor Hall

"Pyramid" (2012)

Choreography: Paige Walden-Johnson
Dancer: Marcus Johnson
Music: "Pyramid Song" by Radiohead

"Seven Bad Bitches" (2011)

Choreography: Nick Shopoff

ADF Showcase

"Awaken" (2010)

Music: "Regard"  by Rene Aubry
Choreography:  Marcus Johnson
Dancer: Paige Walden-Johnson